The Chief Executive Officer of Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, has explained that he set up the Oko Opo Foundation in order to touch peoples' lives.

In a statement, Adeyemo noted that the foundation, which is a non-profit making and humanitarian organisation will cater for widows, children and other vulnerable members of society.

It will be formally unveiled to the world on Box Day, December 26, 2023, through a media briefing at the Pelican Valley, Laderin, Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, using the foundation’s official Facebook page.

"I want to touch the lives of people directly. The only two ways you can touch the lives of people are through politics or having a foundation, and I don’t want to do politics which is why I’m opting for a foundation.”

"I have a covenant with God that I want to dedicate my heart and soul towards giving hope to the widows. “

“We are already leading by example because apart from distributing some materials, we built "The Podium", an edifice within the estate purposely because of the foundation.

“We want to make it long-term as what I will do for the rest of my life and my children can also take over from me. I don’t want the foundation to look political because if we do that, we will find ourselves in politics without knowing and I don’t want to do politics, that is why I set up the foundation.

Adeyemo said there would be a meeting with no fewer than 100 widows at "The Podium", immediately after the Executive media briefing.

The segment will feature education and enlightenment talks on ageing, age-related health issues and effective coping strategies for widows among other activities.

While revealing his long-term plans for the widows, Adeyemo said he would keep a register of the widows for necessary follow-up.

He also pledged facilitating the provision of modest housing accommodations for most vulnerable widows in future.

According to him, the housing project,

to be built within an acre of land he had donated for that purpose would comprise one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments.