“High temperature presently in Nigeria is forcing reptiles, including poisonous snakes out of holes in search of a cool place. They do not care if it is your home or office.”

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Heatwaves and high temperatures are currently rocking Nigeria.

While construction engineers are generally happy with the weather, those who dread snakes need to beware.

These dangerous reptiles, especially Cobras, seek refuse in coool places like inside homes.

Becareful of confronting snakes that get into your homes. Some snakes can be killed easily, and others like the black mamba are very cocky.

If threatened, they will chase you at an alarming speed and give multiple bites while still on the chase; and bitten victims may not live to see the next forty minutes. So, just be very careful when trying to kill those snakes.

Stay well and be safe. It’s snake season. It’s very hot and they are highly active and get agitated and angry very fast.


  1. Avoid leaving windows open for too long. Cobras and Mambas can reach heights that are very high.

  2. Avoid leaving your front doors open for fresh air in the evenings. These reptiles are absolutely STEALTHY (too quiet). You won’t hear or see them go inside your house.

3 Before sitting under the tree that has that cooling shade, check the branches that there are no snakes lurking in the branches.

  1. Check your bed and surroundings before you go to bed, cobras are notorious for hiding under the sheets.

  2. Avoid the age-old trend of liking to chill outside of the house, with mattresses and wrappers in the evening. Most reptiles are nocturnal (hunt at night and more effective)

  3. Not only snakes might bite you, but also the age-old human enemy; the centipede (Mosithaphala), which is fast and very venomous.

  4. Clear bushes round your house. They attract rats and mice, which are the favourite snacks of the most dangerous snake’s favourite meal.

  5. Buy snake repellent powder and pour it around your yard. You will definitely decrease the chances of a snake ever visiting your home by 90%.

*Culled from Platforms Africa