The radio, as an arm of the mass media has continually evolved in recent time. With development of this electronic medium is also the emergence of several hidden talents who have been waiting for opportunities to unleash their in-built abilities on the entertainment industry.

One of such talents, who within short period of time, less than a decade, has created a niche and became a brand in the broadcast industry is Samuel Ibikunle, popularly known as 'Arugbo Boiz'.

The name 'Arugbo Boiz' with which Ibikunle is synonymous is an oxymoron meaning “the young old” appeared to be the result of a painstaking research which is paying off.

Within the short period of his coming into the broadcast industry, after bagging a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Diplomatic Studies from the prestigious University of Ibadan in 2016, when he joined Jamz100.1FM, Ibadan, Oyo State, in 2017, as a broadcast journalist, Ibikunle has consistently exhibited a can-do attitude.

He explores the history of African heroes with a view to inform, educate, entertain and mainly to contribute in no small measures to the preservation of the African history, particularly celebration of past heroes and stimulate interest in the many teaming fans of his programmes.

Among his radio programmes is 'Aroba Awon Akoni' which runs on Fresh FM on weekly basis.

He also delights his numerous fans through 'Funwontan' purposely created in memory of the late ace comedian and broadcast journalist per excellence, Elijah Olugbenga Adeboye (Funwontan) which also runs on FreshFM107.9, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Arugbo boiz, a native of Ibadan belongs to the lineage of one of the late revered warriors of the ancient Ibadanland, Balogun Ibikunle, and he is proud to be.

When introducing himself on any of his programmes, Ibikunle endowed with Yoruba dexterity usually introduces himself as “Ondugboye Omo Oke’Badan, omo Ibikunle alagbala jaya jaya, agbala Ibikunle to to Ikooko sa’re,agbe’le je iyan oko, emi Samuel Ibikunle Arugbo Boiz, elere Oba, Aare Apede gbayii ile Yooba”.

Over the years, he has glorified and made good representation of his hometown (Ibadan) all over the South Western region of Nigeria through radio programmes, internet, and social media and even at ceremonies where he delivers impeccable coordination of events as Master of Ceremony (MC) with good command of English and Yoruba languages with distinct Ibadan dialect.

Arugbo Boiz, as a brand, is synonymous with Ibadan. Think of Ibadan, and you think of Arugbo Boiz who wastes no opportunity to celebrate and glorify the former administrative and political capital of the old Western region of Nigeria.

Moreover, one may be wondering how Ibikunle, who read History and Diplomatic Studies would come into the broadcast industry and become a factor within so short period of time.

The answers may not be far-fetched. For one who came from a background with deep knowledge in history (warlord background), coupled with adequate use of the mother language (Yoruba) and substantial interest in the entertainment field, making noticeable impact may be an easy sail.

However, his focus, determination and unending research into the lives of heroes of the ancient and recent past, as observed by some professionals in the broadcast industry may have been one of the factors helping to endear him to teaming listening fans of his programmes on different radio channels.

Furthermore, Arugbo Boiz seems to have created and enjoying strong cult-following in the broadscast industry. His ardent fans have a style of leaving with Ibikunle whenever he migrates from one radio channel to another.

Research shows that when he left JamzFM100.1, Ibadan, Oyo State to SplashFM106.7, Abeokuta, Ogun State to SweetFM107.1, Abeokuta, Ogun State to OoduaFM90.9, Ile Ife, Osun State until his present station, FreshFM Nigeria, his fans have always left with him.

His fans find it difficult not to listen to his soft voice and deep Yoruba diction with which he delivers his programmes, such that it is like a bad day when he fails to present any of his must-listen-to-radio programmes. If he is a politician, he would be a successful one, so thought broadcast industry observers.

Still, it is astounding the zeal and commitment with which Arugbo Boiz presents each edition of Funwontan On FreshFM. Ibikunle, presumably in his late thirties could not have had any contact or relationship with the late ace comedian and celebrated broadcaster, Gbenga Adeboye, a natïve of Gbongan in Osun State, who died on April 30, 2003, more than two decades ago.

However, it is believed that Ibikunle’s commitment may have originated from his interest for the preservation of African history and in particular, sustenance of the legacies of forgotten heroes, coupled with his personal admiration and respect for the late Gbenga Adeboye also known as “One Man Battalion” during his life time.

Listening to him on radio and getting to know Ibikunle in real life will reveal a sharp difference between the two personalities. Arugbo Boiz is a giant as an On Air Personality (OAP) and an average person in stature in real life.

Nevertheless, he is a bundle of talents.

An African historian, culture enthusiast, broadcast journalist, administrator, master of ceremony (MC) per excellence, communication coach, talent explorer, cinematographer and a genius in photography and an entrepreneur.

His activities since 2017 when he entered the broadcast industry have confirmed him as an organic talent and a unique radio presenter very different from many of his peers in the industry who have tailored their mode of presentation after established brands in their chosen field.

His dare to be different attitude is believed to have helped him to be acceptable and followed by appreciable number of fans throughout the South Western region of Nigeria and even beyond.

Apart from being a fast rising broadcast journalist who is making indelible marks as a role model to many youths who aspire to be successful in their chosen endeavours in life, Ibikunle has equally proven to be a worthy administrator.

He was appointed head of programmes at the Oodua FM90.9, Ile-Ife, Osun State in March, 2021. Later, in September, same year, he became head of Yoruba presentation unit in the same station. Consistently, Ibikunle appears to be paying his due as he ascends the stairs of success in his chosen field.

Another angle of interest in the story of Arugbo Boiz is the fact that he was born a twin. And on the eighth day of their birth, he was named Samuel Kehinde Ibikunle while his twin brother was christened Emmanuel Taiwo Ibikunle.

They are both, today, celebrated broadcast journalists. Apart from personal awards and recognition for Arugbo Boiz which includes Omoluabi Pataki Oyo Award by the Federation of Oyo Students Union of the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY), Abeokuta among many numerous awards, the duo, popularly known as the Ibikunle Twins have jointly been awarded the Most Talented Twins in Broadcasting by the Eminent People’s Awards.

The Ibikunle Twins are so much identical that it takes keen observation to know Taiwo apart from Kehinde. Nevertheless, those who are closer to them can say who is Taiwo or Kehinde by their faces, as one of them keeps a clean shave while the other keeps neat beard for clear identity.

Keen observers of the broadcast industry have appreciated the Ibikunle Twins who have been tagged outstanding, unique and “Not Your Regular Presenters”, especially Arugbo Boiz, as a brand that demonstrates that hard work and true commitment to a noble course for the advancement of the society and humanity at large is highly rewarding.

The Management of the Gateway Treasured People Magazine recognizes and celebrates Samuel Ibikunle "Arugbo Boiz" as a brand, youthful entrepreneur and communication coach through the establishment of the Jbliss Media Institute, administrator, and fast rising broadcast journalist who is an outstanding role model to this get rich quick generation.

We pray that your kind will keep multiplying in order to be sources of pride and blessings to your immediate family, generation, Nigeria and humanity in general.