It reminds one of an antenatal day in a primary health centre or hospital with mothers backing their babies while few ones carried the fruits of the womb on their shoulders.

The occassion was the 2nd year anniversary and the launch of 1st Physical Forum of YOLABO YOUNG MUMS NG, a project of Mrs. Omotola Fatoki, a nurse by profession and the wife of former member of the Ogun State House of Assembly, Hon. Johnson Olu Fatoki, who is also the Chairman/Managing Director of Olu Ventures Ltd.

The venue was the exquisite Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, OOPL, Abeokuta, the Ogun State Capital, where young mothers, with their babies, pregnant women as well as expectant mothers were in attendance.

Participants, which cut across ethnic, religious and status barriers expressed delight at what they described as a unique gathering of mothers.

Until the physical gathering of the young mothers, on Saturday, most members interacted through telephone calls and social media.

Mrs. Fatoki, in her welcome address said the YOLABO Young Mums was created as a social media group in order for her to share her experiences with young nursing mothers as a nurse, working in an hospital.

In addition, Mrs. Fatoki, fondly called 'Precious Nurse' by members of the forum said the objective of the group was also to offer practical solutions to challenges facing young mothers as well as promote healthý lifestyles of both mothers and babies.

"Motherhood is full of joy, fear and anticipation. But with the establishment of the group, members have been testifying to a smooth motherhood journey.

"Building a healthy nation starts with taking care of our young ones, both mothers and their babies long before, during and after pregnancy. This is one of the objectives of the forum so as to ensure healthy families" Mrs. Fatoki stated.

The theme of the anniversary, "Building a Healthy Nation" attracted health and medical experts, dieticians and others.

Notable among guests who shared their wealth of experiences with young mothers was Mrs. Bola Obasanjo, the wife of former Nigeria's president, Olusegun Obasanjo.

In her presentation, Mama Obasanjo offerred vital health tips to nursing mothers on how to build peaceful home front.

According to her, ensuring a peaceful home front and a healthy lifestyle would prevent conflict of interest among couples whether young or old.

Mrs. Obasanjo, who shared her experiences in life urged the young mothers to see themselves as mothers and friends to their husbands.

The aged also counselled the young mothers not to be harsh with domestic staff of their husbands like drivers, security guards, cleaners among others.

Her words: "No matter the social status of your husbands, please do not allow it to get into your heads so much that it will bring conflict of interest between you, husbands and their aides

"Also do not be carried away by the affluence and wealth of your husband. Always refrain from discussing your family issues with the so called family friends as such is capable of destroying your homes"

While sharing her experiences in cooking foods with required nutritional value and content which will led to couples living a healthy life, Mrs. Obasanjo urged mothers to embrace African delicacies which she said are rich in vitamins, proteins and other basic nutrients that mothers and their babies need.

To ensure a peaceful home front, which would in turn lead to healhy life and harmonious relationship among couples, Mrs. Opaleye on her own part, urged mothers to always promote love and understanding in their relationship with their husbands.

Mrs. Opaleye, who also stressed the importance of home keeping, enjoined young mothers not to allow external influence into their marriage.

While commending the passion of Mrs Fatoki towards the group, she urged her not to relent, saying that it would go places.

Hon. Fatoki, who said tolerance, understanding and fidelity are some of the tools that keep marriage going, urged members of the forum not to always leave aside prayer.

"Prayer is key to many things in life , including happy marriage. Let's keep our home going through prayer and love. Let us continue to cherish and sustain how we met. Let us continue to show love and affection as well as respect each other. We are meant for each other".

"Couples should learn how to live with one another no matter the situation they initially find themselves.

Mrs. Rasheedat Yusuf, a paediatric nurse and also a nursing mother, delivered the first lecture entitled: "First Aids For Common Paediatric Emergencies At Home".

She gave tips on what young mothers could do when their babies or infants faint, suffer nose bleed, sustain fracture or ingest poisonous substance and other various degrees of injuries.

Yusuf, who urged mothers to always consider hospital as next necessary option after first aid treatment, frowned at self medication.

According to her, toddlers and infants are prone to getting head bumps while growing and this unfortunate incident may happen under the watchful eyes of mothers.

"Such a bump may be minor or serious. Which everone, the brain of a child just like the older ones is very important. If anything untold happens to the head and unfortunately affects the brain, if the person, whether young or old did not die, he or she may live with the disability arising from such an accident for life. So, we need to take care of our babies".

"Animals, including snakes, or insects and scorpion bites which are very common domestic emergencies at homes must be prevented on our babies as their consequences are usually grevious".

"I also appeal to you mothers to avoid dog bites on our babies as its treatment is usually expensive. As mothers, we should be extra careful and avoid a situation where our babies were beaten by a dog".

"Although we do not pray for it, but when it happens, we must not hesitate to seek immediate medical attention. I also advise against over-the-counter medication for our babies"

"Any victim of the above emergencies should not be treated with first aid, but rather medical attention in an hospital to prevent aggravation of the situation".

"There are many other emergencies from homes that regretably even claim the lives of young ones and these emergencies occurred as a result of negligence of mothers".

"Fall is very common in many homes by children. As a result of this, they sustain fracture in parts of their bodies.

Another common accident that requires emergency is drowning. "Most mothers that store water in big homes, large bowls and others when children start to walķ would not know when their babies find their ways into the danger zone".

She also gave other tips on healthy living not only by mothers, but by their babies too.

Mrs. Olubunmi Oshineye in her lecture which centred on how to promote fertility, enjoined mothers not to joke with it as it is the bedrock of producing healthy babies.

"As females, we should not be concerned with our fertility only after marriage, but right from our adolescence as many would-be mothers damage their fertility long before marriage".

She lamented that many females are not getting it right in their bid to have babies as they arbitrarily abstain from regular sexual intercourse with their husbands.

"You can't prove your fertility when you are running away from sexual intercourse with your husband. No amount of prayers will make you a mother when your are running away from

this basic steps towards bearing a child".

For would-be mothers, Mrs. Oshineye while charging them to eat healthý diets also appeals to them to take advantage of their monthly ovulation circles which she said is a surest period of getting pregnant.

She also disclosed that fertility was not limited to women alone, adding that research had shown that many men also suffered infertility problems which could be solved through medical attention.

"When we talk about the issue of fertility, women alone are not responsible as research has shown that men too have crucial role to play", she concluded.

In her own lecture titled:"First 1000 days of life", Mrs.Olufunmilola Adekunle, an Assistant Director of Nursing Services at the Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta described the days as a very unique period.

According to her, the 1000 days include the period of pregnancy as well as the first two years of the baby.

Adekunle added that the period is also when the foundation of good health growth and neurological development for the entire life span of such a child are established.

"This period strongly determines an infant brain health and the achievement of age related developmental milestone", she stated.

While listing the nutritional requirements during the first 1000 days of life, Adekunle said growing fetus demands more nutritions as there are bound to be phsiological changes in blood, metabolic changes associated with pregnancy as well as weight gain.

She also spoke on factors that promote maturation of immune system which include birthing process, contact with mothers skin, mother's milk, vaccinations among others.

Representative of the National Health Insurance Agency, Mr. Kehinde Olowolagba who showcased the agency's products and services, urged mothers to always prepare for the future health of their babies.

In appreciation of her unrelent efforts towards the group, Mrs Fatoki was honoured with an award by the mothers.

While cutting of the anniversary cake climaxed the celebrations, mothers in attendance went through medical check ups including eye screening, blood checks so as to know their health status.