He has worked as factory worker and later as a Confidential Secretary, Accountant, Chief Accountant, General Manager among other positions

before becoming what he's today.

Through hardwork, perseverance, resilience and dedication to duties, he has attained greatness in life, not only as a monarch, but as a fellow of the prestigious Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, (ICAN).

This he achieved through academic self development and determination to succeed in life.

Historically, Oba Egunjobi is the 11th Elerinja of Erinja after the people migrated from Ile Ife, centuries ago and later settled in the community.

His installation on October 12, 2012 was the unanimous decision of his people, hence his appelation of "Ilufemiloye" which literarily means someone preferred on the throne.

"When it was the turn of my ruling house, (Akinogun) to produce "Elerinja" after the transition of my predecessor, my people preferred me and so it has been since."

"I saw their love for me to be their king as a call to service and that was how I accepted to serve my people".

"The people demonstrated their unalloyed supports and love for me through a 6-man kingmakers who unanimously voted for me as successor to Oba Salaudeen Ajibade Odunfa.

For the records, two Erinja princes contested for the exalted throne, but the kingmakers unanimously voted for Oba Egunjobi.

Asked how the journey on the throne has been since over a decade, Oba Egunjobi said:"the tenure has been very smooth. I thank God and the people of Erinja for this. They actually love me and I love them too".

"When I was competing for the throne, I never imagined that I could sleep in Erinja for two or three days. My initial plans was that I would spend one week here (Erinja) and spend three weeks in Lagos where I had worked and lived prior to my enthronment".

"Gladly enough, I want to tell you that things did not go that way. Since I came here, right from the first night, I enjoyed and still continue to enjoy my stay here. I prefer to stay here more than even going to Lagos again except during unavoidable circumstances".

"With the exposure I had in Lagos, where I had been for over forty years after I left this place ( Erinja) before I was called to serve my people I thank God that I easily adjusted to the situation here"

"Before then, I used to come around occassionally to visit my mother and others but returned same day to Lagos".

"It has never been my dream to become a king here. Infact, initially I resisted coming but the will of God and people prevailed. Here I am today as Elerinja of Erinja. I thank God and my people for their confidence in me.

"Initially, I never thought things would be this smooth for me. But so far, so good. I am enjoying it. I also enjoy being here in Erinja than Lagos because of its serenity, security and the love my people have for me".

"There is no place like home. This is my land of birth. I also grew up here. I did my primary six up to modern school here. Thereafter, I studied and wrote the G.C.E. as private student after attending coaching lessons.

"While still working as confidential secretary, I went ahead to do 'A' level after which I secured admission and attended Yaba College of Technology in 1979, in my early 30's".

"I am a contented person. I take things as they come. The only thing I have ever struggled for in life was my personal development, nothing more. As Christian, I always leave everything in the hands of God"

Speaking on the Ogun State Law on installation and burial rites of traditional rulers in the state, Oba Egunjobi said it is a welcome development.

"It allows a monarch in the state to be installed as well as buried according to his religious belief",

"In the Yewa Traditional Council, we have all signed an undertaking that that's what we wish when we are no more. As a Christian, bury me like a Christian when I am no more"

"For your information, even long before the signing of the law, Erinja has taken the lead after the passage of one of his kings.

"Before Oba Festus Oloyede Olaleye, from Omoniyi Ruling House joined his ancestors in 2008, he has informed his children and family members that he did not belong to any secret society and that he should be buried in a Christian way when he died.

"Truly, when he joined his ancestors, the Oro people came, but they were prevented from touching the late Oba's remains. He was buried according to his wish; in a Christian way".

The Elerinja commended Prince Dapo Abiodun for his bold step in signing the bill into law, saying that posterity will not forget him.