Dateline: November 15, 1972. Oke Ago Owu, Abeokuta. Time was 3.a.m. Olowu, of Owu, Oba Salami Adewunmi Ajibola breathed his last!.

His passage was expected after doctors gave up on his undisclosed illness and asked his family members to return him home days after his admission at the Sacred Heart Hospital, Lantoro, Abeokuta.

He had lived to a ripe age; having been born in 1891and reigned for a record of 23 years.

Oba Ajibola ascended the throne of forebears in 1949; through the Ayoloye Ruling House, one of the six royal houses in Owu.

Other ruling houses in Owu are Amororo, Otileta, Akinjobi, Akinoso and Lagbedu

Long before his transition, Oba Ajibola had made preparations for his final journey to the world beyond.

This he did by instructing his children to prepare a befitting private family vault for him at the Alebiosu Compound within Owu quarters.

Secretly, this was accomplished to Oba Ajibola's satisfaction during his inspection of the final resting place long before he joined his ancestors.

After his passage, Oba Ajibola was said to have been given Muslim burial the way he had wished during his life time.

To mark the final funeral rites, a grand party was held at Soke Square in Ago Owu on Saturday, May 26, 1973.

On the following day, a thanksgiving service for the 9th Olowu of Owu-Abeokuta held at the African Church, Ita Olori with Owu sons and daughters in attendance.

Chairman, Owu African Church District Council then, Rev.H.A. Adeyemo preached the sermon during the service.

Since the passage, Oba Ajibola had always been celebrated and remembered by his immediate and extended families.

One of such remembrance is the annual assemblage of not only Oba Ajibola's immediate family, but his extended family members in general.

The get-together usually hold at the Alebiosu Compound, the Ajibola's family compound in Owu.

Before he ascended the throne of his forebears, Prince Ajibola was a Chief Inspector of Police serving in various police formations in the country before he retired.

His exploits as crack detective was legendary with many records of criminal and robbery investigations and prosecution cases he handled both as a Police Sergeant and Chief Inspector of Police the rank on which he retired.

Until he voluntarily ended his service in the Nigeria Police, Ajibola had the record of being the first Owu native to have attained the post of a Police Inspector in the force.