Sunboom, a tourism facility located in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, Southwest Nigeria, is not just an amusement arena as the sign post that welcomes visitors to the place wants one to believe.

A guided and guarded tour of the place gives one the rare opportunity of seeing life, both wild and domestic animals that are often watch on television as they move around in their artificial habitat.

The animals include big sized python, crocodiles, aligators, tortoises, porcupine, goats, peacock, goats, donkey, monkey and several others.

On the left side of the arena is a section that parades Nigeria and non Nigeria's archival materials, wares and pictures of yester-years' personalities.

Nigeria's political key players before and after independence both at the regional, state and federsl levels also adorn the museum's wall.

With nostalgia, the museum section excites one, as well as reminds one of the old Nigeria old good days.

Several old coins, shillings, Pounds and Nigeria's currencies before and after her independence as well as other foreign currencies are on display.

There are wooden chairs of yester years, old transistor radio, amazing plates and wares.

The arena, though privately owned needs government's encouragements through moral and financial assistance for it to expand.

It also needs people's patronage as the arena's curator lamented that currently, there is very low patronage.

Mr. Sunday Majekodunmi, a real estate professional who dabbled into the tourism sector in 2016 is the arena's curator.

According to him, the venture started out as an hobby by keeping birds and other domestic animals.

" For now, I will be deceiving myself if I say patronage of this place is encouraging. No it is not but my spirit is not dampened by the current situation. I am optimistic that better days lie ahead".

With the payment of N1000 entry fee, a visitor enjoys the ambient of the park including its serene environment

How do you know when the animals are sick and how do you treat them, Majekodunmi was asked and his response is: " We get to know they are sick when they are inactive and we quickly invite our veterinary doctor to come around".

"Aside that we prevent breakdown of viral diseases through intermittent application of drugs which we add to their drinkable water and feeds".

Has there been any recorded accidental attack on human beings by any of the wild animals.

"We thank God, this has never happened and we are doing everything humanly possible to ensure that it does not happen. This we do through safety and security measures that we put in place".

The arena is also floirated with different specie of flowers that have both medicinal and beauty values that are attractive to both animals and human beings.