From the black pot, comes the white pap, so says an African proverb!

From the slippery town of Erinja, in Yewa South Local Government Area of Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria, comes the 22nd Inspector General of Police, Mr. Olukayode Adeolu Egbetokun.

Egbetokun, who was born on September 4, 1964, got enlisted into the Nigeria Police Force on March 3, 1990 as a Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police.

The community, founded by Ireja, who migrated from Ile Ife, the acclaimed craddle of the Yoruba, is about twenty five minutes drive from Ilaro and less than five minutes drive to Owode, another historic Yewa town.

Thanks to the administration of Prince Dapo Abiodun, who made good his promise to give the Ilaro-Owode road a facelift.

Before it was commissioned last year, the state road was a nightmare for both motorists and passegers despite its significance in the Ogun West Senatorial District.

The road is a major alternate route within the zone as it connects various towns and villages.

For example, it is the only major road from Ilaro to the industrial areas of Agbara and many other towns like Ado Odo, Ipokia, Ajilete, Oja-Odan and Idi- Iroko.

The road is also a faster alternate route from the border town of Idi Iroko, through Owode, Ilaro to Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

Communities like Iweke, Iwoye, Ilobi, Eredo among others dot the main road from Ilaro until one gets to Erinja, the homestead of the new IGP, Mr. Egbetokun.

Erinja, an ancient town, tucked between Ilaro, the political headquarters of the Yewa People and Owode-Yewa has long being in existence before the latter which used to be a market place.

The current traditional ruler of Erinja is Oba Ebenezer Alani Egunjobi, a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria.

According to the Elerinja, the Erinja people have strong ties with the Oke Odan people, another major Yewa town on the way to Idi Iroko.

To butress his claim of Erinja's seniority over Owode-Yewa, Oba Egunjobi said:" most houses in Owode belong to our people here, the Ilobi-Erinja people".

"The fact that Owode is located on an international route has really helped its growth and development"

Erinja is an agrarian community with its residents mainly peasant farmers specialising in both food and cash crops. It is also the home of many fish farmers.

Although it desires many basic amenities, it currently boasts of electricity which it's ever epileptic as ìt is elsewhere in Nigeria.

The road from Oke Erinja to Erinja Orile, about five minutes drive is in serious deplorable condition with Oba Egunjobi expressing the hope that Governor Dapo Abiodun would come to their aid.

The asphalt on the strech of the road has peeled off in its entirety, forcing motor-cyclists to meander as they ply the route on daily basis for commercial purposes.

A church, mosque and town hall are not too far from one another on the way to the palace of Elerinja. They are conspicuously located along with a health centre such that a stranger will not miss them.

A primary and secondary schools that many sons and daughters of Erinja including Oba Egunjobi attended are begging for alumni's assistance and attention.

However, Elerinja commended old students of the schools for their contributions towards developments of their alma-mater and urged them to do more.

"Our industry in this community is education which we cherish more than anything else. Our elders were well read and the young ones too are also well read.

"I make bold to say that there is no house here in Erinja that you would not find at least a university graduate. As small as this community is, I was the sixth chattered accountant when I passed the examination several years ago", Oba Egunjobi revealed.

Elerinja also disclosed that Erinja has the records of producing the pioneer Secretary to the State Government, SSG, in Ogun State, Dr. Ademolu Ogunleye.

Mr. Olusola Amore, the first Commissioner of Police that Yewa produced, according to the traditional ruler also came from Erinja.

Speaking on the personality of the new IGP, the Elerinja describes him as not only a straight forward personality, but a man of honour who abhors corruption.

"I received the appointment of one of my brothers and illustrious sons, Olukayode Egbetokun as the IGP with joy and gratitude to God.

"The appointment gladdens my heart that one from our own here has become the Inspector-General of Police".

"Kayode is not only a brother, but a jolly good fellow in whom I am well pleased just as other siblings and Erinja people. We wish him colossal success in office".

"He's a disciplinarian right from his youthful days and has always had the traits of leadership qualities.

" Kayode is not someone who is easily given to frivolity or favouritism, hence he picks his friends. He has always been wishing and praying for a better police and policing. Now that he's in the saddle of leadership, I pray God to help him achieve his aims and best for the Nigeria Police Force".

Oba Egunjobi recalled a day when his first wife, who is now late, Olori Victoria Egunjobi had a traffic issue with LASTMA in Lagos and had thought that his brother-in- law( Kayode), who was then at the CID, Panti-Lagos or so would use his influence to bail her out.

"Rather than use his influence as a senior police officer, what he did was to send money through his police orderly to my wife to pay the fine before her car was released by the LASTMA. That's the stuff which the new IGP is made. He believes in orderliness, he does not like to jump queues.

"Kayode is such a gentleman who does not believe that he has to use his position to curry favour from people. That's one attribute of him that has been with him for long. My prayer for him is that I wish him a resounding success; that his tenure will witness better changes as it has always been his heart desire.

"On behalf of Erinja people, both at home and abroad, I wish him well in his national assignment", Oba Egunjobi concluded.