"The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad".

The above is a biblical quote from Psalm 118:24 which celebrates Prophet (Dr.) 'Bunmi Obadimu, JP, General Overseer The Church of Christ Cathedral (Eli's Tabernacle) a.k.a. Ago Eli Carwash, Adatan, Abeokuta, Ogun State who turns 60 last Tuesday.

Prophet Obadimu, basking in the euphoria of the Diamond birthday celebrations, elevated and venerated the magnanimity of the name of Jesus Christ whom he described as the sacred begotten son of God for His divine call upon him to be a co-worker in His vineyard.

The man of God who reminiscenced on his humble beginning, thank God for taking him this far in life.

Below is his story of life:

"I was born, nurtured and bred in the ancient city of Abeokuta on 13th of February 1964.

"I was privileged and opportune to have had basic education within the confinement of my parents' financial capacity and was unable to study further principally because of their untimely deaths .

"My father passed on in 1975 while mother "kicked the bucket" in 1987. Their early death disabled the furtherance of my education after primary school edication.

"Afterwards, I enrolled as a weldeŕ and blacksmith and I had my independence in 1982. Despite my freedom as welder, life was unbearable for me because I could hardly survive two square meals in a day.

"That wretchedness.led me to been a car washer and also sold Yoghurts and Fan Milk to improve my well being but my efforts was fruitless. The condition worsened every day. In that miserable situation I got married and was introduced to disco mix with the financial support of one of my brothers. I became a local DJ mixer for naming ceremonies in social gatherings and branded myself "Obadimu Disco Sound".

"Instead of my condition to ameliorate, it

deteriorated to the extent that it got to a stage where I was not invited to any social gathering any longer. The harsh and painful condition propelled me to approach one of my senior workers in welding services, Baba Seun who admonished and counselled me to follow him to his church promising that God would find a lasting solution to my situation if I obliged to follow him to see his prophet".

"I magnify the unfailing name of the Lord today that mightily used Snr. Apostle Benjamin Alao (Baba Aladura), my spiritual father and vessel for my spiritual upbringing. He told me frankly to bear my cross after Jesus Christ and encouraged me that if I could serve Him with all my heart; my glory would spring out".

"I heard divine call from God in 1984 and started living in the church through which I received the Holy Spirit. That was when I started my spiritual journey under my spiritual father from 1984 - 1988 and today I can humbly say that I served Him faithfully and wholeheartedly".

"Without doubt, during my service with him, God clearly revealed the future to me which is manifesting at the moment. God crystallized it to me in a trance in 1986 that I would establish a church and should name it "The Spiritual Church of Christ, Ago Eli" which I fearfully doubt essentially because I was very young then.

"In 1987, I was fasting for 91 days when God clearly showed me the exact portrait of the cathedral just the way you are visùalizing it today. In February 1988, Ago Eli was established after I got freedom to stand on my own from my father in the Lord.

"We had only five members including my two wives and we started the ministry in a living room. Some people wonder how many wives I have but I am telling you that I married them while I was undergoing training. What is of paramount importance is to do the will of God. Abraham married more than one wife and still does the will of God.

"On the other hand, David was a man after God's heart. Samson, with one wife defied God's commandments and still died amid unbelievers. Anania and Saphirra are married couple, yet they flouted God's instructions. Acts of Apostles 5:1-10".

"I am not encouraging you to marry more than one wife, I am only explaining that God works in a mysterious way sometimes (Halleluya) in accordance with my earlier anecdotes".

He appreciated and thanked dignitaries that attended the ceremony as well as those with gifts for him, praying that God's blessings will overshadow their lives in Jesus name