He is not the richest in his community, but he has done what the rich men and women could do, but failed to do!.

Kazeem Dosumu, a farmer in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, Southwest, Nigeria, has single-handedly constructed a link bridge worth millions of Naira.

He achieved this yeoman's feat even in the midst of not yet completing the construction of his house he had moved into since 2007.

Before the construction of the bridge, members of Itesiwaju Community as well as visitors to the area suffered untold hardship.

The philanthropic gesture has also brought great relieve to many communities as the project connects many communities in the Egba settlement.

The kind-hearted and generous man has etched his name in gold with the project that has brought great relieve to many community members in the area.

The project was without any funding from both local, state governments or even any group or individual.

The river on which Dosunmu constructed the link bridge had claimed lives in the past, firing the humanitarian spirit in him.

His words: “During my first years as a landlord in this community, something terrible happened during one rainy season".

"A fellow landlord fell into the river and it swept him away while plying the planks that was originally put on the bridge as he tried to make it to the other side of the bridge.

“The entire community immediately began a search and sadly, we were only able to recover his lifeless body after three days.”

According to him, another incident that prompted the project was when an elderly woman who was trying to cross the planks linking the bridge to the other side fell on the side of the river.

"This was in the early 2020 and she was badly injured and I had to quickly took her to the hospital for medical treatment".

These two incidents among other prompted the struggling farmer to begin nursing the idea of constructing a link bridge on his own, the dream of which he achieved recently.

Asked how he raised money for the project, Dosunmu said: "I financed the project through money I made from sales of bananas and other farm produces

"This project would not have been possible but for my understanding and supportive family. I thank God for their lives", he stated.

Dosunmu, who disclosed that the project had denied him and his nuclear family a lot of things also regretted that it had denied him of fulfilling the promise of taking his mother along for lesser Hajj.

Asked why he embarked on the bridge project, Dosunmu, who declared that he was not a rich man said:"I embarked on the project for the benefit of mankind with the believe that God will reward me abundantly. I am of the opinion that we can not leave everything in the hands of government alone ".

As a family, he confessed that they faced a lot of hardship and difficulties when the construction was ongoing.

“There was a period when I was so engulfed in constructing the bridge that our children were sent home from school as a result of non payment of their school fees. They did not return to school until after a week when their school fees were paid", he disclosed.