The Lead Pastor and Founder of the Victory Life Bible Church, International, Apostle Lawrence Achudume has warned that God's harmer is about to descend on the wicked.

This is even that he cautioned politicians who are in charge of people's commonwealth to be wary of God's impending judgement and wrath on them.

Achudume, spoke shortly after an empowerment programme that he facilitated at his father's villagei at Umubu, Amai Community, Ukeuani Local Government Area of Delta State.

During the reach-out over 200 people including, artisans, farmers, petty traders and the likes received items worth millions of naira to boost their standard of living and enhance their trade or busineses.

"I see judgement coming on Nigerian politicians who have made the lives of the people miserable; made them poor when they were elected to make them prosperous,the harmer is about to descend on the wicked"

While urging the faithful to leave their tent else they go down with them, Achudume cautioned: "when you are put in care of the common wealth of the people, it is a honour you should cherish for life, retrace your step and do good."

While stating the obvious that most companies in the country are downsizing, the minister of God said the implication of this is that more people will be in the unemployment market.

"Nigerians are suffering; companies are downsizing; therefore, this is the time to give back to the community especially the rural dwellers who do not require too much money to survive", he said.

"Mr Governor, Senator, use this opportunity well so you don't end in shame. Look at the mirror, search your conscience, put on the human cap and show justice not your new bullet proof car because you know you are not safe among your people who sent you to represent them".

"When you are in care of peoples' money and power, please be wise. Let's do good. Nigeria is a great and blessed nation. The little foxes that spoil the vine are about to be removed. Nigeria will shine and will yet take the place of honour"

Achudume futher said the few given the privilege of our power and to manage our resources starve us to death and offer us palliatives and expect us to buy uniform clothes and sing their praises.

"They gave us road, gave us transformer, water, light, rice and biscuits. Women will gather and start dancing, stop it politician, stop that smile and weep in your shame and emptiness. Learn from David in the Bible; women sang and danced for him but he ran away from them.

"Don't be deceived by those dancers you paid, the praise singers you made personal assistants, special advisers, senior special assistants and other appointees, they are not helping you.

" Money and power are terrible tools, they will take you whatever you wish. Money does not make anyone happy, with all that many have gathered, they don't have peace but misery, look at the mirror and see the vanity you have become".

"Money was not meant to control you , so what happen?. When money, position controls you, you become proud, arrogant, you become distant from people and your helpers and you talk with the confidence of a borrowed authority.

"Beloved, you will soon be out, others were there before, be wise and do the right thing. Don't speak anyhow, go and ask your uncle Nebuchadnezzar, he became an animal, be careful, go and ask Herod in the book of Acts who decided to speak and they say this is the voice of God ,find out what happened", he said.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, High Chief Paul Aguonye, urged the people to emulate Apostle Achudume whom he said always gives back to the community.