Ejo ku s'ake!. This is a popular Yoruba phrase which literarily translates "the matter is finally settled at Ake".

It is a common expression among litigants at the Egba local court, "Idi Ere", which has its headquarters at Ake, in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

Ake is also the seat of power of the Alake and paramount ruler of Egbaland.

The judges at this age-long local court are mainly chiefs drawn across major quarters and sections of the Egba.

The current chairman of the Egba Supreme Court is Chief Samuel Tanimowo, who is also the current Oluwo Ake.

The local court is the oldest ruling court since 1854 when the first Alake, Oba Okukenu was enthroned in Abeokuta.

The current Alake and paramount ruler of Egbaland is Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, Okukenu IV.

Although in the past it was customary for a case not to be settled at the village or Ogboni levels, such a notty case was usually settled at "Idi Ire, hence the popular phrase, "Ejo ku s'ake".

Even, up till now, "Idi Ere" is perceived as the supreme court of the Egba people, hence it is rare to find its judgment being contested by litigants.